About us

Hello, lovely people!

I’m Melissa, a wife, mom, and founder of Vegan Snob Store. I was born in South America but currently live in Atlanta, GA.

I’ve always loved to try new things, from travel to outdoorsy things. Veganism is no exception! So, when my husband was diagnosed with hypertension two years ago, I was willing to try anything to help! After doing some research, we decided to try veganism.

And, let me tell you! Not only did it cure my husband’s hypertension, but it completely changed our lives for the better!

While it was a challenge at first to find vegan recipes that would give us a balanced, nutritional diet, we couldn’t deny the way veganism was improving our health and helping us make the world a better place.

I founded Vegan Snob Store to express my passion for living vegan and to give others who are (or exploring) vegan a fun and fashionable way to make a statement!

Our goal is to provide a clever and fun way to share our passion for veganism and inspire others and yourself!